Less facts more fiction

27 Jan

I know that making promises and commitments and resolutions to oneself can potentially be the fastest road to disaster (ie not achieving those stated promises, commitments and resolutions), bu I’m going out on a limb here anyway. Part of  creating this blog was to ensure I focus more on fiction, and I have yet to do that today (and it’s now 9:50 p.m. on Monday night).

Nonetheless, I remain undaunted. Today, I wrote about romantic hotels, honeymoon hotels, fixed broken links (yawn) on the Web site I currently edit for and waded through some notes on Los Angeles 5th District City Council candidates. This is all my “fact-ion” work. My soul is starved from not working on my fiction today. So, although I got a lot of work done (and let’s face it the work (barely) pays the bills these days, and I did go to a gym class that kicked my arse, and I did get to watch House (guilty pleasure), I did not indulge in any fiction or fictitious pursuits. So, tonight, I’m off to bed with some fiction writing magazines, which will hopefully galvanize me into action tomorrow (in between all the “real” work I have to do).

I lay this out here to ensure I spend some time every day fictionalizing my life. Join my on my fictitious journey, won’t you? And keep my posted on how you too balance fact and fiction in your world.

Happy fictitious thoughts to one and all!


2 Responses to “Less facts more fiction”

  1. Val January 27, 2009 at +00:00TueUTC #

    Writing fiction helps me cope with my life. I do find it too absorbing sometimes and when I surface from the work, I find myself feeling wrung out. I don’t always get the opportunity because bread and butter work sucks the time away Monday to Friday. The economy won’t cut it for fiction writers who are in it for ego or money. I do it for love and the beauty of a blog is the immediacy in both publication and reader response. It’s sort of pure that way. I enjoy reading your blog Kelli and I’ve bookmarked it. 🙂

  2. bronte13 January 27, 2009 at +00:00TueUTC #

    Thanks Val,

    I just checked out your blog. Looks great. Will bookmark it too! Best, Kelly

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