Cheating on a writing site

6 Aug

Mea Culpa,

I have discovered the glory that is Duotrope – a brilliantly organised site full of all kinds of wonderful lists including writing comps,  that also has a fantastic submissions tracker. And so, alas, I am abandoning my listings at Luminary Writer’s Database (please forgive me). You have served me well, but I definitely prefer Duotrope and hope the literary gods are sympathetic and understanding.

Last night I was forced back into old school techniques when my tape recorder failed me as I was interviewing people at LoveFest. My super duper digital DS-30 voice recorder that has never failed me kept demanding “memory full” and yet there were no files on the recorder. Ah, technology glitches, you’ve got to love them. And so, I pulled out ye olde pen and paper, which is fine, but difficult to write when you are interviewing people in a loud, dimly lit bar with lots of noise, music and alcohol (and not necessarily in that order). I must type up my scribbled notes before they just become a garbled mess on the page.


This morning a call to the tech centre revealed that apparently I needed to reformat my recorder, which is easy peasy to do WHEN you know how. I didn’t. But the operator did. And now I am ready to record the ramblings of happy drinking people everywhere.

Sadly, I did not meet the love of my life at LoveFest last night, but there’s a good chance I met the love of someone else’s.

It’s a glorious day in Los Angeles and I’m doing a lot of procrastinating and faffing around. Sigh… I must eat lunch as it is 4 p.m. and I haven’t done so yet. Hmm..

STS100-LAUNCH1The website is sucking me dry right now, BUT I’m becoming more and more proficient. Can’t wait till we launch! Watch this space…(no pun intended, okay maybe a little one).


3 Responses to “Cheating on a writing site”

  1. Val August 8, 2009 at +00:00SatUTC #

    ah, the pen and paper. Yes, I know it well. This is where I list my submissions! It’s a weirdness thing, part OCD and part pen and paper fetish. I’m happy you’ve solved the recorder disorder because those things are absolutely beyond wonderful. You should know Miss Kelly, that this Canadian is dying of website curiosity. What are you up to dear girl? Hmmm? 🙂

  2. bronte13 August 8, 2009 at +00:00SatUTC #

    Hey Val,

    Sorry my dear… you know what they say:
    Patience is a virtue
    Virtue is a grace
    Grace is a little girl
    Who doesn’t wash her face

    New blog post later!

  3. Val August 8, 2009 at +00:00SatUTC #

    LOLOLOLOL THIS is why I love you Kelly! That was hillarious!

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