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Writing into the end of the year

24 Dec

As everyone gears up to shut down over the Christmas break, I’ll be tapping away on my computer – an excellent time for those of us not of the Christian faith to catch up on being behind. Of course, I will do the de rigeuer Jewish celebration tonight of Chinese dinner and a movie with friends, but beyond that I’ll be keeping my nose to the grindstone. In fact, my latest article just went up. It’s about Jews and Yoga. Can you connect your Ohms with your Amens? Abso-bloody-lutely. Read it here. Yoga: Good for the Jews? .

I’m also excited to be revising my novel written in NaNowWriMo. It finally has a title: Word Painting. I’m very excited by the messiness of it all and the new Scrivener software (a 50% discount purchase as a result of winning NaNoWriMo), that I’m using to unsplit my split infinitives and reconnect my subject/verb agreements et al.

Here’s hoping for a wonderful 2010 for all those of you with literary dreams. Nurture them, coddle them, then get rich off of them – hopefully.

Happy Christmas to all my non-Jewish friends!