What’s in a date?

1 Dec

There’s been a great deal of silence on this blog, I know, since landing my gig with Patch.com. My site isn’t due to launch till early next year as I’m flying back to London to renew my work visa shortly… so things are on hold.

Meanwhile, I’ve been keeping busy working for the Daily Mail and the New York Post where I’ve spent most of my time on the Ronni Chasen murder story (along with most of Hollywood).

However, the GREAT news is that my new puppy was finally born on November 28. I’m so excited. She’ll be coming home in eight weeks. You can read all about her adventures on her very own Bronte the Golden Retriever Blog here.

However, I really wanted to reflect on her birthdate. It’s taken me three days because I’m trying to get my emotions in order.

November 28, 2002 was the day I survived an Al Qaeda suicide bomb attack in Mombasa, Kenya. You can read more about it here. For the last eight years this has been a terrible anniversary. However, now that my puppy has been born, it’s no longer such a terrible day. It’s gone from being bitter to bittersweet, and I’m looking forward to being able to celebrate November 28 from here on out as well as honouring the memories of Albert de Havila, Dvir and Noy Anter and the nine Kenyan workers murdered by terrorists.

There’s definitely a symmetry to this universe.


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