Y is for Yellow Blanket

29 Apr

a-to-z-letters-yI know my Mum reads my blog posts (hey, we all have to have a fan club and Mums make the best ones). And she’s probably the only one who knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about by this headline.

Major confession coming up. I was a security blanket baby (and toddler and small child). Yes. Just like Linus (but I did not suck my thumb). I vaguely remember a pink blanket with a bunny on it that I used to drag around everywhere, but I think that one disintegrated before I could walk. I think my Mum said she cut it up into small pieces at one point. I’m not sure. So my “yellow blanket” was really my second blanket but I still had it when I was very, very, young.

I would go NOWHERE without this blanket. Not to bed, not out the door, not in my pram, not ANYWHERE. And of course there were the horror stories where my parents would somehow wrest the thing away from me so it could be washed once in a blue moon; and of course they’d do it when they were going out one night and the babysitter had a mental breakdown because I WOULD NOT GO TO SLEEP without it. And the poor babysitter had to call my parents hysterical about the fact that I was hysterical. We may have traumatised a teenager for life.




I remember that blanket well. It was soft, and yellow, with a cream picture in the middle (can’t remember what it was). The blanket with satin edges. Now the satin is what I really wanted. I used to rub my face against it to fall asleep. Go figure. I loved the sensation of the satin on my face and lips as a small child and I found it soothing.

I don’t remember when I outgrew the blanket. But thankfully I did.  But because it was part of my childhood I held on to it. And yes, I still have it. It sits in a bag wrapped up in my linen closet. The satin edges have long since frayed away from the edges and it’s more a dirty mustard colour now than any shade of yellow. I haven’t looked at it in ages until now, when I pulled it out to take a picture of it and post it here. So here it is… my trusted yellow blanket!

My yellow blanket (old, frayed, tattered, but still mine)

My yellow blanket (old, frayed, tattered, but still mine)

Did you have a security blanket? A teddy bear? Something?


4 Responses to “Y is for Yellow Blanket”

  1. Liz Brownlee April 30, 2013 at +00:00TueUTC #

    Awww! I had a panda. My earliest memory is dropping him in the road when crossing, holding my mum’s hand. I was under two as my brother was not there. I can still recall the utter frustration of not being able to explain what was wrong – and the pointing and the seeing my panda run over… I still have him, and he still has a squashed nose!

    Congrats on getting to the end! Liz ~ http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

    • Kelly April 30, 2013 at +00:00TueUTC #

      Oh. Poor, poor Panda.

  2. A wonderful story bring us down to the end of the month. You’ve done a wonderful job with the alphabet. You’ve truly out-done yourself in the literary department and have woven in just enough personal interest stories to keep us coming back for more. Congratulations for keeping on.

    • Kelly April 30, 2013 at +00:00TueUTC #

      Thanks Sheri. It was a tough road. But fun… I’m subscribed to your blog too. So glad to have discovered you through this crazy process. Hope you are healing well.

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