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I Survived the A-Z Blogging Challenge: Did You?

1 May

survivor_[2013]I’m so excited to post my “I survived” badge here. Can’t believe how tough – and how fun – it was to post every day. But it’s wonderful because:

a) It will motivate me to blog more regularly

b) I met some great bloggers and made great friends through this and will now visit their blogs regularly

c) I made a commitment and stuck to it!

Huge congrats to fellow bloggers who had the guts to officially sign up and have their feet (or fingertips) held to the fire and who stayed the distance. And kudos to those of you who signed up and did their utmost but “life” got in the way of completing the challenge.

It’s been a thrill and I had a blast but am also grateful it’s over. There’s plenty more to write about both here and as I slog away at my novel. But once again, congrats to EVERYONE who survived this challenge and who shared their amazing stories and insights. I believe we all deserve to celebrate!