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The Writer’s Guild and the porn industry

14 Sep

EI-LovesFlamingPagesFirst Ellora’s Cave and now this!

What is happening in my world? So, as I innocently trawl the freelance sites for work, I come across this advertisement on Craigslist:
Looking for a writer that has experience in review style writing. A good friendly tone to the writing is what I am looking for. Pauline Marshall.
Doesn’t say very much, does it?

Nonetheless, I send off a short email, asking what sort of reviews? Film, theatre, book, spa, products? I send a link to one review of each and say, let me know if this is what you are looking for and if so, I can send more information (resume etc).

I receive an instant reply from one of those instant reply email thingies. And here it is verbatim:

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in the website reviewer position. We are currently looking for honest people with a keen eye for detail to visit various adult sites online and write the things they like and dislike about each. We will require 12 reviews per week which are due by 2pm every Friday.

The starting wage for this post is $350 per week which rises after 6 months. No previous experience is required for this position. The only requirement we have is that you submit a 100-word review of the members area at a pre-selected site (www.fungirltime.com). It’s completely free to join so don’t worry about any costs (be sure to cancel within 3 days or you will be billed).

Please submit this review to reviews@writing-guild.com within 48 hours if you’re still interested. This position can be taken from  anywhere, it’s going to be a home-based position. If this isn’t for  you we thank you for your time.

Thanks for your time

Pauline Marshall
The Writer’s Guild 09

Sheesh! Watch out for those wacky freelance scams.  Don’t you just love the part about how I have to sign up and remember to cancel within three days? Can’t you just see the site suddenly crashing, the inability to access my “account” and the vast sums of money being deducted from my credit card?

Still the great news for all the wannabee writers out there is that you don’t have to have any experience writing! All you need is a pornography addiction and for the guys taking on this job – a box of tissues.

Here’s hoping the Writer’s Guild have Ms. Pauline Marshall as their guest speaker at their next illustrious event.

Onwards and upwards!


Discovery of a creative writing Yahoo group

28 Aug

creativewritingThanks to my dear friend Yael Unterman, I have been introduced to CRWROPPS-B – aka – Creative Writers Opportunities List – a Yahoo Group that “posts calls for submissions and contest information for writers of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.”

I’m always excited when you can simply head to one place to discover a wealth of opportunities under one banner. While it’s great to be able be spoiled for choice when it comes to writing opportunities available on the Internet, sometimes it’s a relief to not have to trawl for hours and hours, no?

I have sent the Scribblers on the Roof info out into the Internet ether and hopefully the submissions will be coming in thick and fast very soon. Lots of positive feedback, so that’s exciting.

Watch this space…

Freelance writing priorities meets social media

27 Aug

GoingCrazy-HowUDoing-MLHelp! I think I’m actually having a social media meltdown. Does this not happen to anyone else? I’m so busy trying to figure out how to tweet, facebook, blogg, digg, both this blog, and get going on the dry run of my website (name and address coming very very soon,) I feel like I’m drowning. Especially after seeing this lovely Youtube clip:

And, of course I’m doing Jane Boursaw’s course and we’re now onto the “Social Media” part, which I confess, aside from being under the weather with the beginnings of some kind of unpleasant bug,  I’ve been putting off doing. But now I’m working on it with gusto.

Is this the bane of a freelancer’s life? Constantly juggling so many project you don’t know which ones to work on when? Where, how, what to promote and why? Right now if I add everything up I’m currently working on:

  • Two ongoing editing projects
  • Three articles
  • One blog
  • One Website
  • Three interviews to set up
  • Prepping to teach a class
  • Transcribing  three hours of notes from an interview
  • Spending time doing the volunteer work I’m committed to
  • Checking for new freelance jobs every day
  • and… of course… finding time to blog, tweet, facebook etc. etc. and keep up with others in my profession who are doing the same thing.

And I’m an organised person. Truly. I have diaries, notes, papers, lists, etc. but I still get confused about what I’m working on when, what I want to work on, what I have to work on. I try to lay out my day to spend x amount of time on one thing  and y amount of time on another. But it rarely works. While it’s great to be able to chop and change when you get fed up with one thing or another, it can still be overwhelming. And I think social media puts me under even more pressure.

Now, if only I can find time to write more fiction and read my latest edition of Writer’s Digest Magazine.

Anyone else feeling the pressure?