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Write on!

27 Jul

writingWow, so it’s only 4;30 p.m. but I’ve managed to have a productive day so far (it isn’t over yet).  I made my way to a semi-tough workout at the gym this morning. Definitely sweated but thought it would be harder than it was, although I can already feel my limbs starting to hurt (Yoga is coming later this evening!).

I managed to write my review of Fiddler on the Roof starring the indomitable Chaim Topol, scrounge around looking for jobs (but found nothing today), and then sent in short stories to three separate writing competitions. This makes me excited. I also put together a submission folder so I can track these little gems. Actually, I spent time online looking for the perfect format and discovered the perfect free system at Luminary Writer’s Database. Bless their cotton socks. Now I feel organised!

The Writer’s Digest Short Short Story comp deadline is not till Dec 1, but I read somewhere that it’s better to get them in early. Makes sense, no? Mostly because you don’t want to be one of the 4, 763 stories the judges read in the last week, right? Rather have a memorable story that was sent in FOUR MONTHS EARLY.

So now I’m going to take a well-deserved tea break. I’ve been on the go since 6 a.m. Tonight is bruschetta night, with fresh delicious tomatoes from my garden. Can’t wait!

Left on my agenda today:

  • A short yoga workout
  • A walk with the dog
  • Some time to read (currently it’s “The Secret”)

Tomorrow’s agenda:

  • More job searching
  • Writing fiction
  • Reading through old fiction magazines for inspiration
  • A gym class (if my muscles haven’t seized up beyond recognition)
  • Pitching article ideas to well paid markets
  • Transcribing notes for my next article due on August 9, and hopefully making a dent in writing the 2,000 word piece.

Please hold me to this guys! How was your writing day today? Are you inspired??


Less facts more fiction

27 Jan

I know that making promises and commitments and resolutions to oneself can potentially be the fastest road to disaster (ie not achieving those stated promises, commitments and resolutions), bu I’m going out on a limb here anyway. Part of  creating this blog was to ensure I focus more on fiction, and I have yet to do that today (and it’s now 9:50 p.m. on Monday night).

Nonetheless, I remain undaunted. Today, I wrote about romantic hotels, honeymoon hotels, fixed broken links (yawn) on the Web site I currently edit for and waded through some notes on Los Angeles 5th District City Council candidates. This is all my “fact-ion” work. My soul is starved from not working on my fiction today. So, although I got a lot of work done (and let’s face it the work (barely) pays the bills these days, and I did go to a gym class that kicked my arse, and I did get to watch House (guilty pleasure), I did not indulge in any fiction or fictitious pursuits. So, tonight, I’m off to bed with some fiction writing magazines, which will hopefully galvanize me into action tomorrow (in between all the “real” work I have to do).

I lay this out here to ensure I spend some time every day fictionalizing my life. Join my on my fictitious journey, won’t you? And keep my posted on how you too balance fact and fiction in your world.

Happy fictitious thoughts to one and all!