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Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind visit

27 Sep

One of the dogs in training at the centre. It looked so much like Bridget I almost cried!

As promised, I went to the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind yesterday to catch up again with Noach Braun and check out the latest at Bridget’s alma mater. All the  information (plus pics) are over on my other blog, which you can check out here.

The centre is amazing – do take the time to read about it. It was wonderful to honour Bridget and see her first home – which has grown so much and is a fantastic place.

Also, Noach and I are going to discuss helping raise the centre’s presence when I get back home to Los Angeles. Can’t wait!

I took lots of pics. You can see them all on my flickr account here.


Writing from Jerusalem

26 Sep

Me and my darling Bridget

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last wrote. Unfortunately, I was very very busy dealing with my wonderful dog, Bridget. She got very sick and was diagnosed with inoperable osteosarcoma in her pelvis last month. I had to put her to sleep two weeks after she was diagnosed on August 30. She’d been with me since she was 7 weeks old and passed away at the age of 13 and a half.

It was truly devastating and those  weeks were spent taking care of her, with both of us having sleepless nights. Luckily I discovered the Golden Retriever Dog Forum, which has really helped me start to heal from her loss. In addition,  I’m planning on getting a new puppy in the New Year and have started a blog about it. You can read more about my search, and most importantly – about Bridget – on my other blog here:

I miss Bridget terribly, and the hole in my heart is huge. Luckily, I have managed to get out of my very quiet house and am getting some much needed rest back in Israel (where I lived for 11 years). I’m here for my nephew’s barmitzvah next weekend and to visit the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind where Bridget originally came from. I raised money in her name for them. All this information and lots of pics and videos are over there on my other blog. Please read!!!!!!

I also went on a memorial sailing trip for Bridget on my friend Fred’s boat. Just me and a few friends and we scattered Bridget’s ashes in the ocean. You can see the pictures here.

Rest in peace my darling Bridget: January 30, 1997- August 30, 2010

For now, I’m using my time in Israel to get back to writing for ME, editing my novel, which is finally almost ready to be sent out – hooray! and chilling out and mourning Bridget.