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Sally Boyden: The Littlest Australian on Youtube

19 Aug

Ssally_theno, remember all the hush hush secrecy surrounding my discovery of the Aussie child star I obsessed over as a kid? Well, I can finally come clean, because she’s going public. Sally Boyden – aka – The Littlest Australian – has put up her latest song on Youtube.

Sal and I have been collaborating over the last few weeks and while I can’t tell you directly the projects we’re working on, I’m excited that her 100 Hours project with Dan Dubelman is finally getting some airplay. She also finally set up her own site on Myspace. The 100 hours project is about the first 100 hours Sally and Dan have spent together writing and performing music. They’ll be performing  at Arlene’s Grocery in NY on Sep 11.

She’s come a long way from this adorable kid when she was on Australia’s variety show Young Talent Time back in the 1970s.

Here she is all grown up with Dan, singing their amazing song “God Knows Why” on Santa Monica Blvd at dawn. Enjoy!


Dog days

15 Aug

I confess to doing no work today. It has been such an emotional drain.

I took Bridget to the vet this morning for her surgery. She was in high spirits (although frustrated that I didn’t give her breakfast – she had to fast from midnight the night before), I on the other hand was a wreck and cried in the vet’s office. He was so sweet he told me he would telephone as soon as her surgery was over so that I could come and wait for her while she was still under. That way when she woke up I’d be the first person she saw.

I got the call at 12:15 p.m. – after trying to spend a couple of hours working in a cafe because I just didn’t want to be home in my house without Bridget. She came through the surgery fine. It took her about an hour to wake up fully before I could take her home, though. She has a huge set of stitches and her bum is all shaved. Poor baby. And she looked, well, stoned!

Vet said that he got the whole mass out and it looked to be contained and didn’t appear to have spread, but we won’t know anything for certain till the lab comes back with the biopsy results – hopefully Monday or Tuesday next week. I brought her home with pain meds and one of those god-awful plastic cones that she has to wear when I’m not supervising her.

She refused to drink for five hours and didn’t move, was clearly in pain. But when the pain killers kicked in, she finally got up and was wagging her tail, drank and ate and seemed to be herself, if not slow, stiff and groggy. She’s now lying on the floor with the silly cone because I’m off to bed shortly and don’t want to risk her going for her stitches. Vet says he will call tomorrow morning to see how she is doing.

I was supposed to go to the premiere of Legally Blonde – the musical tonight and review the show, but had to abandon that plan following Bridget’s surgery. There’s no way I’m leaving her side at all this whole weekend. My friend Sally and her boyfriend were going to take the tix and write the review but that fell through too after she was left dealing with the aftermath of being hit by a car (luckily she’s physically fine, just a little bruised). Wow.

I plan to catch up on the writing bent over the weekend. Dog surgery took over everything today though.