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Writing into the end of the year

24 Dec

As everyone gears up to shut down over the Christmas break, I’ll be tapping away on my computer – an excellent time for those of us not of the Christian faith to catch up on being behind. Of course, I will do the de rigeuer Jewish celebration tonight of Chinese dinner and a movie with friends, but beyond that I’ll be keeping my nose to the grindstone. In fact, my latest article just went up. It’s about Jews and Yoga. Can you connect your Ohms with your Amens? Abso-bloody-lutely. Read it here. Yoga: Good for the Jews? .

I’m also excited to be revising my novel written in NaNowWriMo. It finally has a title: Word Painting. I’m very excited by the messiness of it all and the new Scrivener software (a 50% discount purchase as a result of winning NaNoWriMo), that I’m using to unsplit my split infinitives and reconnect my subject/verb agreements et al.

Here’s hoping for a wonderful 2010 for all those of you with literary dreams. Nurture them, coddle them, then get rich off of them – hopefully.

Happy Christmas to all my non-Jewish friends!


Down the rabbit hole… and back

5 Oct

alice-falling-down-rabbit-hole-1I appear to have gone down the rabbit hole for the last couple of weeks from Kellifornia Dreaming. Was I in fact dreaming? Not a whit. I’ve been slammed. The combination of work (nice to know something is keeping me busy), my new Web site (hooray) and the month long Jewish holidays (exhausting but exhilarating) have left me a little off kilter.

Nonetheless, I’m thrilled to say that with the advent of the Jewish New Year, I’m renewed and ready for a great year ahead. Here’s hoping.

First off, I’ve had a fair amount of articles published lately. I don’t even remember writing them. Isn’t that thrilling? All the gain, none of the pain. But, here are a few of my latest missives. I’m so glad that Religion Dispatches published my piece on the Women of the Wall, here. And Blueprint has kept me busy too with my article on The Moishe House LA, an upcoming Sukkot piece with the AJC, and an article on a Matchmaking Conference (hold the Fiddler on the Roof jokes, please).

Please head on over to Scribblers on the Roof – my wonderful new Web site to check out my regular blogs there, along with the latest, greatest postings. In addition, I was interviewed by the super-duper talented Erika Dreifus over at her Blog – My Machberet – all about my inspiration for and running of Scribblers on the Roof. Please read it!

In absolutely bloody wonderful news – the company that paid me ZILCH and sent me into the black hole of debt, finally sent me an email (hey five months late is better than never, right?) telling my I will in fact be paid for my services (sans interest – naturally – ha), the week of October 12. I will be RICH, RICH, RICH!!!! Okay, I’ll be able to make a dent in my credit card debt – which of course would never have occurred had they bothered to pay me on time as promised. Sigh.

So, mea culpa. I will be back regularly from here on out. More interesting things afoot. Watch this space…

Another article, another dollar (or two, three maybe?)

11 Aug


LoveFest article  is up! Good thing too, because it proves I could actually read my notes and turn the scrawl into real words.

Am back working on my site now and about to undertake Jane Boursaw’s Blogging for Passion and Profit course. I think it will help with my new web site immensely. I already have the passion, let’s bring on the profit! Tentative launch for THE SITE is September 1.